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Wine Regions within New Zealand

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

I'm the first to admit that I enjoy a glass of a fine New Zealand wine, and we do have some of the best in the world. Wine tours remain extremely popular, and more and more wineries now are the home to some of the finest restaurants available - and they match their foods accordingly to compliment the quality of their wines.

So where are the key wine regions within New Zealand you ask?? The answer to this is a bit more complicated than many people realise. To be sure I was on the right track, I enrolled the help of "Mr Google" and these were the key wine regions that I got given:

  • Northland

  • Auckland : Kumeu / Matakana and Waiheke

  • Waikato / Bay of Plenty

  • Gisborne

  • Hawkes Bay

  • Wairarapa - Martinborough

  • Nelson

  • Marlborough

  • Canterbury/Waipara

  • Waitaki

  • Central Otago

Yes - I do feel like I've just sung the chorus of "I've been everywhere Man".

The truth is most regions have fine soil, and grow different varieties of grapes that thrive in their individual environment.

So today - I'm going to simply leave you with this, and I promise to come back soon and update you on each individual area.

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