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Travelling with Pet's

It doesn't matter if your family member has a speech impediment that causes them to go "Chirp", "Meow" or "Woof", they are still part of your family. And as such - when deciding to take a holiday away you have a decision to make. Do you take them with you, or do you leave them at home?

Travelling with Pet's can be very rewarding, even if it does require you to be organised well in advance. For example, if you are travelling with a dog it does pay to ensure you check out places that you can safely let them out to relieve him/her self... and if you are travelling with a cat, it probably isn't the best idea to put them in a cat cage for the first time.

I guess the first steps to take are:

- Where are you going, and for how long?

For example if you are travelling between the North and South Island, you are able to travel on the Interislander ferry. You can select to leave your pet in the car, or book them into a kennel.

- Where are you going to stay?

Plenty of accommodation options are Pet-Friendly throughout New Zealand. Some require you to bring you own bedding, and some have restrictions on room types that can be booked. It is not uncommon for a surcharge to apply so it does pay to check.

- Are you able to leave your pet at home and go out and explore?

It may seem like an ideal solution to take your pet with you, however if you are not going to be able to spend time with them - maybe booking them in with a "Holiday Care Provider" or looking at a "House Sitter" might be a better idea for them.

As a Travel Broker, and a Pet owner these are all considerations I take into account with my clients. My last tip is, if you are travelling over a peak period and are going to booking your pet in with a "Holiday Care Provider" do it well in advance. And do not be offended if they want to have your pet with them for a weekend before they stay at this time. They need to ensure your pet is suitable for this environment well in advance.

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