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The "ABC" of getting to "XYZ"... aka: the Roadie

Road trips are a fantastic way to explore...


A few years ago, we set out to explore one region that I hadn't seen much of previously, East Cape. Starting early on a brisk Good Friday, we set off from home, and headed to Rotorua. From here we ventured through the Ikawhenua Range, and the Huiarau Range (via Lake Waikaremoana). A very dusty road - but amazing views along the way. Our first night was spent at Wairoa (home to New Zealand's most inland lighthouse).

We continued on north via Gisborne, Tolago Bay, and all the other treasures on the way, right up to Hick's Bay!!! This is a view that is absolutely priceless. Continuing on the other side which is a completely different terrain but equally as enjoyable. An overnight at Opotiki, before another long day to get back home.

Lesson's we learned on that trip are: If you are doing a road trip to remote places over public holidays - make sure you pack enough food. Be prepared for all sorts of weather, and make sure the battery on the camera is full as there are plenty of opportunities to use it.

If a road trip is something you and your family want to try - get in touch. I have plenty of suggestions at multiple places around New Zealand.

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