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Seize the day – Carpe Diem

So, just when we thought it was all over and that things were going to go back to normal(ish) this year, along comes this thing called “Omicron” and we are back dealing with our invisible enemy – Covid. This time though, it’s the nasty twin who apparently wants to get his/her grip on as many people as possible…

Of course whenever there is a new development with Covid, the media gets straight onboard and thrusts travel and tourism into the spotlight. We all see the articles that are focused on will or wont the borders open? We all hear the Heart-breaking stories about the hideous hoops people have to jump through to get an emergency spot in MIQ. And none of us can forget about those that end up playing Russian Roulette on a regular basis by entering the MIQ lottery (It seems to be more like the hunger games at times).

- We all hear it,

- We all see it,

- We all know it

People are suffering because of this virus. Businesses are suffering. Dreams are fading for many. Are we ready to let it clip out wings and never fly again? I think not….. But I do appreciate and understand that the time might not be right for everyone.

Which brings me to my next question. What do you do when the time isn’t right to travel? And by travel – I mean all travel. It is great to see that at this stage the borders and quarantine free travel has remained open to the Cook Islands, however it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that not everyone can go there. There is already high demand on the flights and accommodation, so if it is on your radar – do get in early to avoid disappointment.

And what about other international destinations?

There is no crystal ball about what the future holds here. People don’t just travel for holidays, and to have grand experiences. Just because the international borders are a bit harder to cross than they were pre-2020 and that restrictions do apply, it doesn’t mean that everyone who would have otherwise gone overseas is going to invest in a Domestic Extravaganza. And let’s face it, this all started back in 2020 and I surely didn’t think we would still be in this position in 2022!!!

Which brings me to Domestic Travel?

Many of us fellow compatriots have been travelling domestically for two years now. Back in 2020 we spoke about our “Bucket List” destinations. We indulged in enjoying our own back yard while the international kids were not invading our playground. In 2021, we gave- way to different and quirky. We looked as places that reflected overseas destination’s, and got out and explored places we wouldn’t often go to. We had the attitude that at the end of our trip we were entitled to a T-shirt that had a slogan “We Came, We Conquered - 2021”.

So now what? What is the magical ingredient that is going to add some spice into your travel’s in 2022?

For those of you that are reading this, I promise you I am no fortune teller and I definitely don’t have the answers to the universe. But what I do know is that the secret ingredient that everyone is searching for is staring back at them when they look in a mirror. That’s right – that secret ingredient is you!! At the end of the day, you can still make magical memories for yourself. You can be the magical ingredient that makes someone else’s adventure so special. You can still get out and travel. Domestic borders are open, and you can still travel safely nationwide. And if there is something that makes you uncomfortable or puts you slightly outside of your limitations – then don’t do it. Avoid it and find something to replace it with.

Whatever you do – get out and enjoy. Take that selfie on the beach and pretend you are in Hawaii. If you’ve always wanted to go surfing, pack up for the weekend and go to Raglan and pretend you are in Bali. If you were hanging out to climb Mt Kilimanjaro – well, obviously I’m not going to tell you to go and climb Aoraki/Mt Cook – but there are plenty of other great walks of New Zealand to try. What really matters is who you do it with – and that you have fun – and that you make memories doing it.

To answer my original question – what do you do when the time isn’t right to travel? My answer is, keep doing what you can do, and plan for what you cant because sooner or later we are going to win this fight, and those plans you have made – eventually they will become a reality. What you shouldn’t do is stop making memories because nothing will ever give you back time.

Seize the day – Carpe Diem.

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